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1.     Defense attorney completes the package.

2.     With all signed signatures (DA, Defendant, Attorney & Judge), the defense attorney files package with Clerk’s office.  Must be stamped w/ Clerk’s office filing seal.

3.     Defense attorney then makes 3 copies of the application for dissemination:  Drug Court, DA and his/her copy.  Original application gets filed with Clerk’s office.

4.     Once complete application is received, it should be directed to Drug Court Coordinator at the Community Corrections Office. 

5.     Once application is received the Drug Court Coordinator, the case is set for a Drug Court Docket.

a.     If the Plea was taken in Circuit Court, the defendant is set for his/her first review at the next Drug Court Docket in District Court.

b.     If the Plea has not been taken, but AFJCCCP has every reason to believe the case is coming to Drug Court, the case will be set as a New Plea for the next Drug Court Docket.

c.     If the plea is taken in Drug Court, then the package will be taken to the Clerk’s Office for filing and the attorney will make the 3 copies as outlined in Step 3.  (In some instances, the Drug Court Coordinator/Clerk will fulfill this step.)

6.     Once the case is officially accepted into Drug Court, the defendant is scheduled for intake an assessment.  Dependent on the results of the intake and assessment, the defendant's case can be pending for up to 12 months contingent upon  what Tier of the Program the defendant is placed in.   

        Tier 1:  3 months 

        Tier 2:  6 months   

        Tier 3: 12 months

7.     If the case is terminated or revoked from Drug Court, it returns to its originating court for sentencing.

Click on a link below to obtain a copy of the Drug Court Application. All applications should be forwarded to the Community Corrections for processing via either of the following methods:

Fax:  334-877-1786

Email:  fsolomonowens@al4jcccp.org or

Mail: Post Office Box 1435, Selma, Alabama 36702.

Drug Court Application